An Exciting ATV Ride

Well Saturday, August 25th, was one of the more interesting ATV rides we’ve ever taken. Dad had gotten the girls new helmets because they have been wanting to ride the four wheeler’s more at his house and they were exited to try them out. He and I took them out and we went all around his house and then decided to cross 62 and go down Welty. Out of a whim he decided to turn back the access path to the corn field where Welty makes the sharp right bend. After going back to the back of the corn field we came across a black truck parked there. Our initial thoughts were that someone was back there, up to no good, hunting or something. Dad’s first thought was to get the girls out of there so we headed back to the house. We cut through his rental property and he saw that Cody Shephard was there. He had me take Carleigh and Carissa back and Cody and himself went back to see what was going on. We went back to the house and waited. It wasn’t long before Dad came back and told me to come down to the township building. I wasn’t sure what was going on so I raced down 62 towards the township building. As I went, my hat flew off just before the pond, but I certainly wasn’t going to stop there on 62 to grab it so I left it. Dad had called the sheriff and wanted me to wait there for them while he and Cody went down to make sure no one left the property.

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