Christmas 2016

We once again hosted Christmas at our house this year. In attendance were Chris, April, Carissa, Carleigh, Kurt, Melanie, Ashton, Briella, Brent, and Cathy. I made a spiral ham, Grandma Studer’s noodles, mashed potatoes (3 large cartons of Bob Evans, heated in the crock pot about 2 hours prior, needed to heat on high because they take forever on low, but stir often). 4-14oz cans of green beans in the crock pot, Broccoli Casserole, Rodhes Texas Rolls, and Cheddar Biscuits. I also had shrimp for appetizer but everyone else made appetizers so we had a lot of food. The shrimp didn’t thaw completely over night and I forgot to rinse it. Rinsing it may have gotten rid of the remaining frozenness. The 10.5lb ham was a bit much but everything else worked out ok. It always seems like too much food but everyone likes leftovers.

Got the rolls out at 7AM. They rose about right, but I don’t think they baked quite enough. I had two pans and the top pan was getting too brown and the bottom not enough. Next time rotate after 10 minutes. Started ham soon after getting the rolls out. It cooked on low 4.5 hours which may have been a bit much because it was borderline drying out but it may have also had something to do with the lid not fitting because the ham was too big. Next time I will cut off the top of the ham. Not sure why I didn’t think of it yesterday. Broccoli was a big hit. Made the broth for the noodles on 12/23.

Carissa’s 15th BD Party

Party was today from 1:00 PM until about 5:00 PM. It was originally supposed to be yesterday because Carissa and I will be leaving for CA a few days from her actual birthday. The weather didn’t cooperate and we had to move it to today and her and some friends went to Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus yesterday instead. We had Me, April, Carleigh, Carissa, Brent, Cathy, Buzz, Cynthia, Claire, Jen, Mike, Alisha, Al, Tom, Patti, Melanie, Kurt, Ashton, Briella, Joyce and Uncle Walt. Because of the weather we set up in the garage and ran the heater. We also put chairs in the kitchen, and it ended up having just enough room. We had creamy chicken sandwiches, 50oz chicken, 2 cream of chicken soup, one sleeve crackers, 2 lbs sloppy joe, 2 packs of hot dogs, 3 12 pks of hamburger buns, 2 8 pks of hotdog buns 2 lbs of develed egg potato salad, April’s pasta salad, green bean caserole and 2 bags of chips. Food was just about right, had 1.5 bags of hamburger buns left, other than that not bad.

Carleigh’s 8th BD Party

Party was Sat, 8 Aug 2015 at 4:00. Carleigh wanted a taco bar so we based our food on what was used for Carissa’s taco bar, and the fact that we thought there would be more people here. It turned out we had too much food. In attendance was Chris, April, Carissa, Carleigh, Buzz, Cynthia, Brent, Cathy, Kurt, Melanie, Ashton, Briella, Joyce Stroud, Jeremy, Rosie, Cody, Hunter, Riley, Uncle Walt, Colton, Chet, Linda, Patti, Tom, Grandma Belloni, Amy, Lexi, Kara, Ethan , Ella, Tim, Bri, Wyatt, Taylor, Riley Brothers, Courtney Newtz, Katie Barresford, Courtney Alexander.

We had 3.75 lbs ground beef, about 3 lbs pork, and 2 pkg frozen chicken breasts. Beef was made with normal taco mix, pork with carnitas packets, and chicken with two jars salsa. Threre was 1/4-1/3 of the beef and pork left and almost all the chicken. The frozen breasts wouldn’t shred and so I chopped it up. I don’t know if no one ate it because it was chopped or what the problem was. It tasted find to me. We got 2 salsas from campesinos in Strasburg and 1 was left. We got rice for 25 people from there also and there was of 3/4 left. We bought 3 sour creams, and used two, two bags tortilla chips and used 1, 6 bags doritos and used 2, 3 pkg shredded cheese and used 2, 1 onion and used very little, 6 tomatoes and used 3, 4 bags tortillas and used 3, 2 jars olives, and used 1. 2 bags of lettuce and used 1. I made guacamole and used 3 avocatods and it was almost gone. Our theory on why there was so much food left is because we had a few snackie things before like pretzels, fruit, licorice, sweedish fish etc. Also not everyone who said they would show up did. 3 gal fruit punch mixed with 3 2 liters of 7up and 2 24pks water was just about enough beverage

Carleigh’s 7th Birthday Party

Party was yesterday from 4PM until whenever. There were 25 adults, 3 Teens, 16 kids and 1 baby. We estimated 40 people for figuring food and that number was pretty dead on. Carleigh wanted a Frozen Movie themed party and chose Chinese food for her meal. April worked with No. 1 Chinese Food in Strasburg to figure everything out. We chose party portions of Sweet and Sour Pork, General Tso’s Chicken, Pork Lo Mein, and Chicken Fried Rice. They told her that a party portion is basically 5 “large” portions and they only charge you for 4. We also got egg rolls and fried won tons. Carleigh wanted pepper steak, but since it was more expensive than the others we only got a single small portion of that just for her. I think we ordered 10 egg rolls and probably 3 orders of won tons. The Chinese place was great to work with and took care of everything very well. The even threw in extra General Tso’s sauce, extra Sweet and Sour sauce, 3 extra egg rolls, and some shrimp puffs or prawn crackers. No one seemed to enjoy the shrimp puffs, but I thought they were OK, similar to a pork rind I suppose. They also gave us 3 two liters of soda. The amount of food was just about right. There was food left over for some to take and we got a bit also but I don’t think I would have gotten less for the amount of people that were there. We had 2 packs of hot dogs in the crock pot for anyone who didn’t want Chinese and probably had 5 of those left over. Everyone was very positive about Carleigh’s choice for food and the execution of it. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. April made 2 cake mixes worth of cupcakes and there were only a few of those left over also. We didn’t have cake. We were originally going to put the food in crock pots to keep it warm, but decided against it and that worked out OK too.

Carissa’s 13th BD Party Notes

Party was today from 2-4 (or whenever). It just wrapped up about 45 minutes ago because rain was coming. It is currently pouring. There were 16 adults, 7 teenagers, 4 kids, and 1 baby. Carissa wanted a taco bar. We did 3 lbs of ground beef, 2 pounds of pork carnitas, and 2 pounds of shredded chicken. The ground beef was done with normal taco seasoning, the carnitas with a pouch of carnitas crock pot sauce and the chicken with a jar of mild salsa. The pork was put in the crock pot at 3am, the chicken at 7am and the beef was cooked at 10am the normal pan method. All were put in crock pots to serve. The amounts of meat was just about right for that number of people. We had 2 packages of 12 taco shells we only used 1 box. We used 3 packages of soft taco shells and had 4 shells left. We had two bags of Doritos and this wasn’t near enough, probably needed 4. We had 4 bags of regular tortilla chips and only used 2. We bought 4 large salsas from Campesinos in Strasburg and used 2. We should have done some sort of rice or cheese dip or one more thing. We had a sheet hoho cake from Littys and there was 1/4 left. April made 16 cupcakes to have some vanilla cake. There were 8 left. We used 1 head of lettuce, 2 bags of Mexican shredded cheese, and half a large jar of mild taco sauce. April also put out a full jar of green olives and they were pretty well gone.

Christmas Dinner 2013

Stracoto with Porcini Mushrooms (Roast Beef) (2 Batches)
Pomegranate and Citrus Broccoli Salad
Nickles Pull-A-Part Bread (4 Loaves/2pkg)
Grandma Kay’s Sausage Bread
Hot Almond Spread
Uncle Walt’s / Grandma Studer’s Noodles in Chicken Broth
Green Bean Casserole (4 cans green beans)
Mashed Potatoes – Melanie
Tortilla Roll Up Appetizers – Melanie
Cup Cakes – Cathy
Fudge – Cathy
Chex Mix – Cathy
Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Cooked chicken for noodles on 12/23. Also made filling for sausage bread on 12/23.
Made broccoli salad around 8AM so it could sit. Didn’t have pomegranate seeds, so used Craisins. Forgot to serve with dinner, so don’t know how it turned out.
Removed shrimp from freezer at 11PM 12/24 and put in fridge, not quite defrosted by 12:00PM on 12/25.
Wanted to eat at 12:30PM. Made sausage bread at 11AM, not quite cool enough to cut at 12PM. Removed meat at 12:20PM and blended juice and onions and stuff to make gravy. Might want to try thickening it next year. Made green bean casserole at 11:30. Also put in almond spread around then.

An Exciting ATV Ride

Well Saturday, August 25th, was one of the more interesting ATV rides we’ve ever taken. Dad had gotten the girls new helmets because they have been wanting to ride the four wheeler’s more at his house and they were exited to try them out. He and I took them out and we went all around his house and then decided to cross 62 and go down Welty. Out of a whim he decided to turn back the access path to the corn field where Welty makes the sharp right bend. After going back to the back of the corn field we came across a black truck parked there. Our initial thoughts were that someone was back there, up to no good, hunting or something. Dad’s first thought was to get the girls out of there so we headed back to the house. We cut through his rental property and he saw that Cody Shephard was there. He had me take Carleigh and Carissa back and Cody and himself went back to see what was going on. We went back to the house and waited. It wasn’t long before Dad came back and told me to come down to the township building. I wasn’t sure what was going on so I raced down 62 towards the township building. As I went, my hat flew off just before the pond, but I certainly wasn’t going to stop there on 62 to grab it so I left it. Dad had called the sheriff and wanted me to wait there for them while he and Cody went down to make sure no one left the property.

Site Overhaul

Well it’s been about a year since my last post. Guess it’s about time for one. The purpose of this post is actually quite redundant, because it should be fairly obvious that the site has changed. Not only has its look and feel changed, but the entire engine running the site has changed too. This will allow me to maintain things in a better way and to add some additional features. Most of these features are just for my use, but you never know, there might be some surprises in there too.

While everything is being transitioned, expect some stuff to be broken.

We’ll Miss you Tadd & Aunt Lou

Well the blog has taken quite the sad turn in the last few posts, but that’s rather reflective of how life has been thus far in 2011. Soon after Grandpa’s death in January, my Great Aunt Lou passed away. She passed away Jan. 26, 2011 at the young age of 100. Not too many more months and she would have been 101. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Then a few weeks later, on February 12, my Cousin Tadd was killed in an auto accident around 3AM. It was him and his girlfriend in the car. It would appear they didn’t make the corner between the tracks at 62 and Kings Highway, and the tracks at 62 and Justice. They took out a pole and the vehicle rolled several times. She had some injuries, but it would appear that she will make a full recovery.

Cousin Tadd was just starting to help out quite a bit at the store and it was nice getting to work with him, after not having spent a whole lot of time with him growing up. His positive attitude and helpfulness will surely be missed.

Hopefully my next blog post can be a more positive one!

Welcome to the Poop Factory

Well now we have two pooping creatures in this house. Starting around Christmas, Carleigh has reverted back to pooping in her pants. I’m not sure what her problem is, but she suddenly has absolutely no desire to go on the potty. She doesn’t even try. She will pee in there all day, but refuses to poop. We’ve gone back to using the 30 minute timer, because that’s what worked before, but so far we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

We also have a new puppy, not my decision, named Lulu. We got her on Dec 28th, and she’s been slowly getting acclimated. She seems to be doing better than Carleigh is in the Pooping department, but she still has her accidents. While I’m not a dog person at all, she isn’t half bad, but not as good as no dog at all 🙂 April made the comment that she doesn’t bark that much, and while true, I mentioned that she still barks more than none.