But I wanted my free Dawn Dish Soap

There was a knock at the door tonight and a gentleman was standing outside holding a bottle of dawn dish soap. He said it would be my free gift if I took a look at the Kerby sweeper he was trying to sell. He said I didn’t have to buy anything, that just by looking he would get credit for it. I figured maybe I would help him get his credit even though I had no intentions of buying a sweeper. He went to his car to get the sweeper and I set the dish soap on the ground. I stood outside intending on letting him show me it outside and then he would leave. I didn’t want him in the house for numerous reasons, but mostly because April was cleaning and I didn’t want him in the way. He asked me to get the door for him and I said I’ll just look at it out here. He wasn’t content with that. I told him that I had no intentions of buying one and I was just going to look at it so he could get his “credit”. He didn’t like that answer and grabbed up all his stuff. As he was leaving he asked me to put his dawn dish soap back on his pile of stuff.

I thought it was quite hilarious that he was making me give the soap back because I wouldn’t let him in the house.

I was really looking forward to using it on something too…

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  1. I had the same experience in Wilmot, except it wasn’t dish soap…the exact product escapes me, but I let this person in and demonstrated the vacuum cleaner for me and asked what I thought. I said I don’t want it and this person would not give me my gift. I remember the “gift” was useless and the whole experience wasted about 30 minutes of my life.

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