Carissa’s 13th BD Party Notes

Party was today from 2-4 (or whenever). It just wrapped up about 45 minutes ago because rain was coming. It is currently pouring. There were 16 adults, 7 teenagers, 4 kids, and 1 baby. Carissa wanted a taco bar. We did 3 lbs of ground beef, 2 pounds of pork carnitas, and 2 pounds of shredded chicken. The ground beef was done with normal taco seasoning, the carnitas with a pouch of carnitas crock pot sauce and the chicken with a jar of mild salsa. The pork was put in the crock pot at 3am, the chicken at 7am and the beef was cooked at 10am the normal pan method. All were put in crock pots to serve. The amounts of meat was just about right for that number of people. We had 2 packages of 12 taco shells we only used 1 box. We used 3 packages of soft taco shells and had 4 shells left. We had two bags of Doritos and this wasn’t near enough, probably needed 4. We had 4 bags of regular tortilla chips and only used 2. We bought 4 large salsas from Campesinos in Strasburg and used 2. We should have done some sort of rice or cheese dip or one more thing. We had a sheet hoho cake from Littys and there was 1/4 left. April made 16 cupcakes to have some vanilla cake. There were 8 left. We used 1 head of lettuce, 2 bags of Mexican shredded cheese, and half a large jar of mild taco sauce. April also put out a full jar of green olives and they were pretty well gone.

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