Carissa’s 15th BD Party

Party was today from 1:00 PM until about 5:00 PM. It was originally supposed to be yesterday because Carissa and I will be leaving for CA a few days from her actual birthday. The weather didn’t cooperate and we had to move it to today and her and some friends went to Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus yesterday instead. We had Me, April, Carleigh, Carissa, Brent, Cathy, Buzz, Cynthia, Claire, Jen, Mike, Alisha, Al, Tom, Patti, Melanie, Kurt, Ashton, Briella, Joyce and Uncle Walt. Because of the weather we set up in the garage and ran the heater. We also put chairs in the kitchen, and it ended up having just enough room. We had creamy chicken sandwiches, 50oz chicken, 2 cream of chicken soup, one sleeve crackers, 2 lbs sloppy joe, 2 packs of hot dogs, 3 12 pks of hamburger buns, 2 8 pks of hotdog buns 2 lbs of develed egg potato salad, April’s pasta salad, green bean caserole and 2 bags of chips. Food was just about right, had 1.5 bags of hamburger buns left, other than that not bad.

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