Carleigh’s 7th Birthday Party

Party was yesterday from 4PM until whenever. There were 25 adults, 3 Teens, 16 kids and 1 baby. We estimated 40 people for figuring food and that number was pretty dead on. Carleigh wanted a Frozen Movie themed party and chose Chinese food for her meal. April worked with No. 1 Chinese Food in Strasburg to figure everything out. We chose party portions of Sweet and Sour Pork, General Tso’s Chicken, Pork Lo Mein, and Chicken Fried Rice. They told her that a party portion is basically 5 “large” portions and they only charge you for 4. We also got egg rolls and fried won tons. Carleigh wanted pepper steak, but since it was more expensive than the others we only got a single small portion of that just for her. I think we ordered 10 egg rolls and probably 3 orders of won tons. The Chinese place was great to work with and took care of everything very well. The even threw in extra General Tso’s sauce, extra Sweet and Sour sauce, 3 extra egg rolls, and some shrimp puffs or prawn crackers. No one seemed to enjoy the shrimp puffs, but I thought they were OK, similar to a pork rind I suppose. They also gave us 3 two liters of soda. The amount of food was just about right. There was food left over for some to take and we got a bit also but I don’t think I would have gotten less for the amount of people that were there. We had 2 packs of hot dogs in the crock pot for anyone who didn’t want Chinese and probably had 5 of those left over. Everyone was very positive about Carleigh’s choice for food and the execution of it. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. April made 2 cake mixes worth of cupcakes and there were only a few of those left over also. We didn’t have cake. We were originally going to put the food in crock pots to keep it warm, but decided against it and that worked out OK too.

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