Christmas 2016

We once again hosted Christmas at our house this year. In attendance were Chris, April, Carissa, Carleigh, Kurt, Melanie, Ashton, Briella, Brent, and Cathy. I made a spiral ham, Grandma Studer’s noodles, mashed potatoes (3 large cartons of Bob Evans, heated in the crock pot about 2 hours prior, needed to heat on high because they take forever on low, but stir often). 4-14oz cans of green beans in the crock pot, Broccoli Casserole, Rodhes Texas Rolls, and Cheddar Biscuits. I also had shrimp for appetizer but everyone else made appetizers so we had a lot of food. The shrimp didn’t thaw completely over night and I forgot to rinse it. Rinsing it may have gotten rid of the remaining frozenness. The 10.5lb ham was a bit much but everything else worked out ok. It always seems like too much food but everyone likes leftovers.

Got the rolls out at 7AM. They rose about right, but I don’t think they baked quite enough. I had two pans and the top pan was getting too brown and the bottom not enough. Next time rotate after 10 minutes. Started ham soon after getting the rolls out. It cooked on low 4.5 hours which may have been a bit much because it was borderline drying out but it may have also had something to do with the lid not fitting because the ham was too big. Next time I will cut off the top of the ham. Not sure why I didn’t think of it yesterday. Broccoli was a big hit. Made the broth for the noodles on 12/23.

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