Christmas Dinner 2010

Here is a recap of our Christmas dinner so that I can remember what we did come next year.

This year we ate on Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve. Attending were Brent, Cathy, Kurt, Melanie, April, Ashton, Carissa, Carleigh and Myself. We made:

Got the rolls out at 7:15 so they could rise. Started the beef at 8:00. Had it in the oven by 8:30, turned it at 10:00, got it out at 11:30, let it rest and cut it just around 12:00. Made the broccoli once the meat was going and let it sit in the fridge. Instead of doing the pull-apart bread, I just made dinner rolls and put the herb mixture on top the rolls. Easier, and turned out better. Would do it that way again. Made the herb mixture just before time to take the roast out, then made the rolls while waiting on the roast to rest.

Made 5LB of Yoder’s mashed potatoes, put 1 stick of butter and a bit of milk to make them better. Took about 10 minutes of heating in the microwave to get them hot enough. Had just enough potatoes for people to take, had none left for ourselves. 6LB next time?

Had shrimp for everyone to eat, and Patti had sent a cheese ball from Christmas eve, between the two that gave people enough to munch on, but should probably have one other appetizer.
Doubled the roast beef recipe, made just the right amount for everyone to eat.

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