Staples are out and the Snow is In

Carleigh got her staples out on Friday. We were worried they would be worse coming out than going in, but she was very brave and didn’t even cry at all. In the meantime since the last post when we got plenty of snow we’ve gotten more of the same… more snow.

Friday the 5th, the day we went to the ER, we got 5.8″. According to, snow depth was at 11″. Monday the 8th we got 2.9″. Tuesday the 9th, we got 3.8″. Friday the 12th we got 1.4″. Tonight we are adding even more to that total. Bare in mind, these numbers are at Akron/Canton, we may have gotten slightly more or less then that. None the less, we’ve been very busy clearing snow and keeping the sidewalks ice free. Seems like we’ll be doing more of that in the morning as well.

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