The Cup that Cannot Be Lost

During the first part of April we took a trip to Florida. We took along many things for this trip, one of which was one of Carleigh’s favorite cups. We concluded this trip with a visit to my Cousin’s house in South Carolina. Upon leaving we left her cup there. We weren’t really that worried about it because it was just a cup. My cousins said they would bring it with them when they visit in July. Last week the cup appeared in the front office of the store. Heather’s Grandma had gone to SC to visit, and when she came back she brought the cup with her and left it at the store for us. Friday night, Dad and I took Carleigh to the VFW for fish and we took this magical cup with us. Once again, when we left, the cup did not leave with us. I didn’t realize we had left it until we got back to my Dad’s, and I didn’t really feel like going back to get it.

This morning, I walked up to the front of the store and there was the cup, sitting in the office. No one is really sure how it got there, but somehow it did.

I’m tempted to leave it somewhere else to see if it can find its way back again.

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