The Toys are Coming

I had intended on posting this last week when the toys were actually coming, but I seem to have been given the opportunity to be sick for the last week and half. Carissa had a sore throat and Carleigh had a runny nose and both stayed home the Thursday before Labor Day. On the 1st, I had a scope run down my throat to check on some pains I’ve been having and to check if the heartburn I have is anything to worry about. Nothing turned up from that. The following day I started having a sore throat and symptoms of a cold, runny nose and a cough developing. By The following Tuesday I was miserable. I was coughing all the time and couldn’t sleep. Wednesday morning I went to Immediate Care and got a prescription for some good cough medicine, that worked well initially, but seems to be not working so well as of late. Over the weekend I kept waking up with red eyes and stuff in my eye lashes, so we assumed I had pink eye, and I canceled any plans we had. I am starting to feel better, but the cough is still with me and the sore throat is still there too, but the red eyes are gone and I once again feel like doing stuff.

Anyhow back to the toys. April won a Houseparty from Fischer Price in which they sent her a gazillion toys for her and her houseparty guests to play with. The girls had a blast last week opening the 70lb box of toys and getting everything out of it. As expected, the newness of the toys has already worn off and they could care less that they are littered all over our living room. The actual party is this Saturday, so we’ll see if they get some more use then. We’ll also see if I stick around for said party, but I believe some male chaperones are attending, so I will likely stay to ensure they are entertained.

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