Welcome to the Poop Factory

Well now we have two pooping creatures in this house. Starting around Christmas, Carleigh has reverted back to pooping in her pants. I’m not sure what her problem is, but she suddenly has absolutely no desire to go on the potty. She doesn’t even try. She will pee in there all day, but refuses to poop. We’ve gone back to using the 30 minute timer, because that’s what worked before, but so far we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

We also have a new puppy, not my decision, named Lulu. We got her on Dec 28th, and she’s been slowly getting acclimated. She seems to be doing better than Carleigh is in the Pooping department, but she still has her accidents. While I’m not a dog person at all, she isn’t half bad, but not as good as no dog at all 🙂 April made the comment that she doesn’t bark that much, and while true, I mentioned that she still barks more than none.

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