Well I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle

OK, so he’s not quite old enough to know if he acts like a monkey, and he certainly doesn’t look like a monkey, but after several false starts last week, Melanie and Kurt made me an Uncle Saturday morning. Ashton Royce Scheibe was born at 12:30AM 6/3/2010, 8lb 4oz, 19.5″ long. He wasn’t due until sometime this week, but kept attempting to make an appearance starting Saturday night, June 27th. Melanie went in that night and they sent her home and told her to come back when the contractions were 5 minutes apart. Thursday morning, July 1st, they were 5 minutes apart and April took her back to the hospital. I came home and took the girls to run a bunch of errands and doctors appointments. Eventually, much to everyone’s dismay, they sent her home again. Friday morning about 5:30AM or so (I was still half asleep), April went to take her back to the hospital again. This time they admitted her into room 439 (sorry I like details like this when I go back and read this stuff 10 years later). Carissa went with Amy, and Carleigh went with Joyce so I could go to work. That night there was still no baby, but a little after 12:30 April texted me to let me know he was there.

They are home now and everyone is doing well. It’s strange calling myself and Uncle, because all of the Uncles I’ve ever had were old and I don’t want to think of myself as that old yet, but I reckon I’m getting there. (especially when I use the word reckon)

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  1. reckon….really yea your making yourself sound old! We are soooo not old we are going to be the coolest Aunti and Uncle ever!! I can’t wait to pump him full of sugar and junk food and send him home like she did to me! I need to find some very loud very annoying toys soon also!!!

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